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Founded 37 years ago, three owners and one name change later, Our House Designs LLC is one of the best manufacturers of exceptional quality made upholstered furniture in the USA.

At Our House Designs our mission is to produce the most comfortable luxury seating in the marketplace using the healthiest and safest materials available, and to offer the best customer service in the industry. This is the standard we have achieved, and we are committed to keeping.

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Superior comfort to feel good about.

Sustainable materials, local craftsman, accessible & inclusive design.

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The Art Of Furniture Making

Quality Craftsmanship

OHD only uses select premium quality fabrics and leathers, the highest standards of practices, and environmentally safe materials that meet or exceed all California and USA compliance requirements and standards for our industry.

Our skilled craftsmen are the best of the best. We build every piece by hand in our factory in the foothills of North Carolina. Many of our furniture makers are 2nd and 3rd generation legacies, still employing the highest standard of time-honored furniture making traditions. We exclusively use solid hardwood frames and true 8-way hand-tied seating foundations, providing the highest standard of comfort and durability for support and shape.

Thoughtful Craftsmanship
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There is something special about bench made, bespoke furniture that is crafted by the hands of trained, skilled furniture artisans.

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Who We Are

Made by hand in NC

Our House Designs is a high-end manufacturer of transitional and traditional upholstered furniture. Proudly made in America by the hands of our skilled furniture artisans in the foothills of North Carolina, arguably the furniture capital of high-end home furnishings.

We are a privately owned company that feels strongly about our Core Principles: family, community and quality. Any time we develop product or make changes to our products we ask ourselves if these changes will negatively affect our family, community and quality. This is why we are fully committed to using solid wood frames, and premium materials throughout. Although many of the steps we take to ensure quality are not seen by the naked eye, it is ever so important that we know the products we are sending out into the world are safe, healthy, and built to the highest standards.

About OHD

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