576 - RE Electric Recliner

576-RE 576-RE
Bustle Back & Loose Cushion
  • 576-RE
  • 576-RE tilted
Product Overall Inside Seat Arm
576 - RE Electric Recliner H43: W34.5" D43" H26.5" W21.5" D19.5" H20" H24.5"
576-RM Manual Recliner H43" W34.5" D43" H26.5" W21.5" D19.5" H20" H24.5"

Standard Feature:

Finish: Mahogany

Nail Trim: Natural

Back Pillow: Blend Down (2)

Seat Cushion: Down Top Foam (1)

Exposed Wood: Maple

Adjustable Glides

Weight: 141 lbs.

Protected Leather Square Footage: 142 sq ft

C.O.M. Yardage (54" Plain): 11 yds

Motorized Electrically

Recliner Switch: Black

Optional Feature:

Seat Cushion: Classic Comfort, Spring Blend Down, Foam Blend Down, Relaxed Foam Down,

Loose Back Pillow: Classic Comfort

Recliner Switch: Silver

*Fully Tilted Requires 24" Placement From Wall.

*Total Overall Length When In Full Recline 69"

Optional Battery Pack Available On RE Electric Recliners - Allows Recliner To Be Used Without Electricity