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The Gang

Family Is The Heart Of Our House Designs

Our House Designs does more than build furniture. Our beloved artisans painstakingly create a

centerpiece for your family’s future of memories. Working in concert to craft furniture excellence,

each team member’s important contribution emerges through creativity, natural talent and

exceptional care apparent in every finished piece.

Understanding the important role they play for our family of clients, our close-knit unit of furniture

craftsman individually nurtures each design. We cherish the opportunity for our handiwork to

occupy a personal space in your home. Our labor is dedicated to ensuring that each Our House

Designs furniture piece becomes an heirloom in your family’s heritage.

As you survey this catalog, we hope you’ll recognize our passion for producing quality products. We

hope you’ll invite our family into your home to furnish your family’s memories with furniture built

from the heart.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve you,

Carrie, Nate and the rest of the Our House Designs family